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Dmytro Shakalov


Hometown: Vinnytsia, Ukraine


Major: Management and Leadership, Human Resource Management


Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English


Hobbies: Cooking, skiing, playing guitar, karate, history, reading, writing, video games


Biography: I was born in the country that in the sixth century became the mother of all Slavic nations in the city that is now one of the most progressive and comfortable to live in Ukraine. The Slavic nations are now represented by 13 countries spread all around the world.

From my early childhood I was passionate about learning about the world around me in every possible way, thus my interests were spread across sciences, literature, music, and especially history, to which I dedicated the majority of my school time. During school, I wrote four historian works that were published in my home town. All of them were about historical topics that were not taught in the school program, and that I researched with help of some professional historians. Most of these works answer not the question of what happened, but why it happened. And in this “why”, I see my approach to life in total.

When I came to PSU to learn English, it turned out to be the best experience of my life. When I was studying in school in Ukraine it was almost impossible to meet any person from a non-Slavic country. This place totally sucked me in with all of its cultural and thought diversity. I LOVE this place because of the opportunity to communicate and explore that it gives to its students and because of so many foreign people I met here, with different thoughts and stories, interests and goals. And I’m joining ICSP in order to share my culture and my knowledge with new people, and also to get to know other people’s stories.

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