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Eligibility Requirements for the ICSP


Students who are applying to the ICSP must meet the following eligibility requirements for acceptance into the program: 


1. Hold a valid F-1 student visa and maintain F-1 status.

2. Have clearly defined degree goals and be making satisfactory progress towards completion of a degree program.

3. Have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.00.

4. Undergraduate students must be of at least sophomore status (45 credits completed) before applying to the program.

5. Have successfully completed at least one full-time term of coursework at PSU or at another U.S.-based college at the time of applying.

Students who complete levels 4 and 5 of IELP at PSU are considered transfer students and should have completed at least one full-time term of non-IELP PSU coursework at the time of applying to the program. 


Students who are receiving other fee remission awards may not be eligible for the ICSP in the same terms which they receive the other award (including but not limited to graduate assistantships, International Student Retention Scholarship). Students who pay in-state tuition, who are sponsored by a government or embassy, or who have obtained an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) are not eligible for ICSP unless the EAD is through Economic Hardship. 



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