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Emily Dinh


Hometown: Bien Hoa, Vietnam

Major: Accounting


Languages: Vietnamese and English

Hi, My name is Emily, and my hometown is a small city called Bien Hoa in Vietnam! This is my 4th year in America as an international student, still exploring new places and cultures, meeting new people, and learning about wonderful things. Coming from a small city, my hobbies are traveling, trying delicious cuisines, and having endless conversations about random topics.


I used to be a super introverted person who did not like to communicate at all. However, being in a foreign country has forced and motivated me to step out of my shell and become more
proactive in everything, especially in sharing and supporting other people. Besides that, being away
from home makes me realize how valuable my culture and traditions are. From that, I want to introduce this beauty to as many people as I can wherever I come to a new place or make new friends.

Not only has Portland State been a diverse and inclusive community that I could feel like "Home" from the very beginning, but it also provides international students with amazing resources, such as ICSP, a safe place for us not to feel like "foreigners". Therefore, I would like to take an opportunity through ICSP services and activities to surround myself with more amazing people. I hope to erase the differences between our backgrounds but at the same time, to have our unique voice to embolden the beauty of each culture.

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