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Eunji Lee


Hometown: Gumi, South Korea


Major: Computer Science, Mathematics minor


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Korean, English


Hobbies: Music, Traveling, Movies, Shopping, Socializing 


Biography: Eunji was born in Gumi, Korea. Gumi is well known in the industry for semicondutors in the South East area of Korea. Regions in this area have strong accents, and she has pride in her city and her accents. She came to Portland to study English in 2013 and decided to transfer to PSU in order to keep studying in Computer Science. After taking a couple classes at PSU, she realized that math fascinated her, and thus, she got minoring in Mathematics.

She loves to communicate with people and learn different cultures and customs, so she’s been working in IELP as a lab assistant and conversation partner since she finished studying in IELP.

It’s her pleasure being a part of ICSP and representing Korea. Throughout ICSP, she wants to introduce Korean culture to those who don’t know Korea well.

She likes this saying “It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.” She always keeps it in her mind and is not going to hesitate to try new things.


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