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Farnoosh Mohammadi


Country: Iran


Major: Human Resource Management


Education Level: Post-Baccalaureate


Languages: Farsi, English


Hobbies: Movies, Hiking, Camping, Music, Photography, Traveling


Biography: Farnoosh Mohammadi is a post baccalaureate student at Portland State University (PSU) pursuing a dual degree in Human Resource Management and Adverstising Management in the School of Business. She has a bachelor degree from the University of Tehran (Iran) in Agriculture Engineering. She works as an assistant in both the PSU Library and IELP Learning Center. 


Farnoosh has lived in Belgium while she was pursuing her management degree in Product Innovation and Entrepreneurship. After moving back to Tehran she worked in an advertising agency as an Account Manager working with several international clients. Her goal is to work in a well-esteemed advertising agency here in the United States. 


In her free time, Farnoosh enjoys cooking, hiking, watching TV, and traveling. She has traveled to many places all over the world such as Indonesia, Thailand, Emirates, Armenia, Greece, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, and Canada. 



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