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Felix Sie


Country: Ghana


Major: Engineering and Technology Management


Education Level: Graduate


Languages: Twi, Nafana, Mo, English


Hobbies: Reading, Politics, African Movies, Music 


Biography: Felix Sie was born and raised in Adadiem, a small village near Sampa in Ghana - West Africa. He had his basic through high school education in that area of the country and only moved to Kumasi, Ghana to pursue his first degree in Computer Engineering, completing in 2009. Felix recounts of the rich cultural environment he grew into and feels free to share some stories.

Felix started to pursue his masters in Engineering and Technology management at PSU in summer 2014 and is passionate about entrepreneurship and looks forward to working on his leadership framework on entrepreneurship and business.

Felix currently works as a business intelligence and data warehousing assistant at the Planning, Construction & Real Estate (PCRE) department at PSU. He is very open minded and wish to share his culture and ideas with people from different cultures and to learn about other cultures. 

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