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Furkan Yildirim


Country: Turkey


Major: Engineering Technology Management 


Education Level: Graduate


Languages: Turkish, English


Hobbies: Chess, snowboarding, biking, wine tasting, reading food magazine, tasting different food 


Biography: Furkan Yildirim was born and raised in a small city in Turkey called Sakarya which is north westernTurkey. He studied elementary, middle, high school and college in Sakarya. Since his father is from Eastern Europe, until he turned 18 years old, every summer Furkan spent his vacation in Bosnia and Serbia. After completing his B.S degree, he decided to come Portland to improve his English, gain cultural experiences, and complete his master's degree. Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Engineering Technology Management and working at a computer lab on campus. He is enthusiastic about learning other cultures and sharing his own cultural knowledge.

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