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Hanh Vu


Country: Vietnam


Major: Accounting


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Vietnamese, English


Hobbies: Movies, Music, Swing Dance, Hiking, Jewelry Making, Pilates, George-Harrison-related collectibles


Biography: Hanh Vu was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. Her childhood is tied with living in the Old Quarters of Hanoi, which is considered an unique signature of the city. She is very grateful for being raised in such a historically and culturally rich environment.

Hanh has been pursuing an education in the U.S. since she was sixteen years old. she received her International Baccalaureate diploma at Northcoast Preparatory and Performing Arts Academy, a small high school in Northern California. In the fall of 2011, she started college at Portland State University, majoring in Accounting. Her goals are to sit in the CPA exam and to work as an auditor.


Hanh is currently a co-coordinator for Organization of International Student at PSU. Hanh joined the ICSP program in 2013, hoping to interest others in the unique and colorful culture of Vietnam. She also hopes to meet people from different cultures and have an unforgettable experience at Portland State.

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