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Hao Wu


Country: China


Major: Physics/Computer Science


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Mandarin, English


Hobbies: Soccer, Travel, Photography, Swimming, Cooking


Biography: Hao Wu is an international student from Beijing, the capital city of China. In order to broaden his horizons and explore a different world, he took the decision to study abroad. After he had studied at Shandong University of China, he transferred to PSU. At the beginning he was majoring in physics and then he realized that computer science also fascinates him very much so he decided to take it as a double major. 


In his spare time, he enjoys travelling around the world and learning about different cultures. Hao believes that different places nurture different people, and those people create their own cultures. Thos various cultures make up the colorful world. Hao likes to open his eyes and his heart to hug this beautiful world. 


Hao is very excited to be a part of the ICSP, which gives him a great opportunity to share his culture. 


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