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Javi Guemes

Hometown: Calama, Chile.

Major: Marketing

Languages: Spanish, English

Hobbies: Climbing, video games (classic ones)

Biography: My name is Javi Güemes. I come from Chile, a long and thin country located in the southern hemisphere of America. I grew up in a small family as an only child until twelve years later; my parents decided to add another member to the family. My sister, Ignacia, who is twelve years younger, came to teach me about sisterhood, caring, and sharing.

I am a Marketing student because I spent a lot of time with my grandma, who had a small mom-and-pop store when I was a kid. I sometimes helped her and saw all the hard work she put into that. Although, a part of me likes what having a business means, interacting and analyzing why people make their decisions was something enthusiasm me as well. That is why I thought Marketing would be a good fit for me.

I came to PSU with the dream of getting my degree in Marketing, but many surprises were yet to come for me. Here in Portland, I found another home, friends from all around the globe, and most importantly, myself. Being here in such a diverse country made me realize how distinct each culture is, and sharing about mine is a gift.

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