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Joshua Mathew Verughese


Hometown: Klang, Malaysia


Major: Communication Studies


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Bahasa Malaysia (Malay), Malayalam, Tamil, English


Hobbies: Badminton, Table tennis, Malaysian and Indian food, Traveling 


Biography: Joshua was born in a city called Klang. Klang is known to be “Royal” because the Sultan of Selangor State lives in the city, and it is the former capital of Selangor. The city of Klang is also located near Port Klang, which is one of the busiest container ports of the world.


Joshua is the eldest and only son from three children. He is also a third generation Indian thatlives in Malaysia. He found his interest in communication because of his grandfather, Thomas Matthew, who was a well-known broadcaster and news reporter in Malaysia. Joshua attended two years of college in Sunway University College pursuing communication and cable production. He then transferred to Portland State University for the remaining two years of his bachelors in Communication Studies. During semester breaks, Joshua worked as a travel and tour guide with Jasper Travels, a tour company, that lead him to engage with people from various countries. He was also given the task of managing sound system at the age of fifteen in his church back home.

From his upbringing, Joshua was taught to respect all races and culture that resided in his
country. He also got the chance to visit Indonesia, India, UAE, and Singapore. He is completely
amazed by the various culture here at PSU and feels like home. Joshua strongly believes that
doing unto others reflects on what he wants others do to him. His family has always valued
education and that was the inspiration that brought him to USA. He is also grateful for God’s
blessings over his success in his life. Joshua is excited and delighted to share his culture with


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