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Kunnearath (Kun) Sok


Hometown: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Major: Supply Chain and Logistics Management


Languages: Khmer and English

Soon after I turned 14 years old, I discovered my gift is curiosity. I have always been curious about learning new things, whether playing sports, musical instruments or fixing cars. Fast forward, I have been involved in many activities and events not because they are my interests but my curiosity. 


I grew up in the capital city of Cambodia, called Phnom Penh. After studying at a University in Cambodia for one year, I wanted to challenge myself by going to the USA to pursue my education. I studied at Chemeketa Community College for two and a half years before transferring to Portland State University. I learned about the ICSP and wanted to be part of this family. I am more proud than ever that I get to represent the beautiful and enriched culture of the Kingdom of Cambodia. ICSP allows me to be who I am and discover my identity even deeper. 


One of my future goals is to have an intellectually challenging job in the field of the supply chain. We all heard the news that the supply chain was a big deal during the pandemic. I can't wait to be part of something this essential to the community and across the globe. I also believe that my intercultural experience in the ICSP will enhance my ethical and cultural expertise in the business world.  

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