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Lu Pang


Country: China


Major: Public Health Administration


Education Level: Graduate


Languages: Mandarin, English


Hobbies: Swimming, Climbing, Hiking, Drawing, Cooking 


Biography: Lu’s home town Qingdao is a coastal city which has the best beer in China--Tsingtao beer. She finished her bachelor degree of pharmaceutical engineering in China, and she realized that the ultimate solution for people’s health is not medicine. After graduating from college, she went to a rural Tibetan area in southwest China and volunteered at a charitable primary school called Dixi. Lu was living with Tibetan orphans and taking the responsibility for monitoring eighty students’ health conditions at Dixi. Also, she was teaching Tibetan students Chinese, Art, and Math. She was deeply attracted by the unique Tibetan culture since then. After finishing her service at Dixi, she traveled around Yunnan province, Qinghai province, and Tibet as a backpacker and hitch hiker. The cultural trips enormously enriched her conception of Tibetan culture. She respects and embraces diverse cultures. She is dedicated to become a bridge between cultures.


Lu came to Portland seven months ago for her master program Health Administration at PSU. She is dedicated to find out the approaches to achieve healthy and fulfilling life for every human being. Lu is new in the ICSP program. She has enormous passion and enthusiasm to fulfill her responsibilities. Currently she is volunteering at American Cancer Society, which aims at improving living quality of people with cancer.


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