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Mahamadou Sissoko


Country: Mali


Major: Finance


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Bambara, Malinké, French, English


Hobbies: Taekwondo, Traveling, Video Games, Hanging with Friends  


Biography: Mahamadou Sissoko is a young, enthusiastic student from a West African country named Mali. He was born and raised in the capital city, Bamako. After visiting the neighboring countries of Mali at a young age, Mahamadou enjoyed traveling so much that he decided to extend his destination to Tunisia, then France, and now the United States. His main goals are to study, acquire an open mind through learning from people from different countries, and discover for himself whether life in other countries is as he used to see it through the media. 


Mahamadou grew up in a poor neighborhood where education is really valued, and his transition from a poor to a better life taught him a great amount of life lessons. After graduating from high school he had the chance to study finance in a North African country named Tunisia before transferring to PSU. 


Mahamadou thinks that his hardworking ethic and his sense of respect are the assets that allowed him to overcome the language barrier and have a place in the ICSP group. He also encourages international students to never give up because entire families and countries are counting on them. 


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