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Michela Sottura

Hometown: Orzinuovi, Italy


Major: English, Women's Studies and Writing minors


Languages: Italian, French, Spanish, English


Hobbies: Spending time with friends, watching TV shows, reading and writing poetry, going to concerts


Biography: My name is Michela Sottura. I am an undergraduate student majoring in English and minoring in Women's Studies and Writing. I was born and raised in Italy, in a very small town near Milan. Ever since I was a child I have always felt a strong desire to travel the world and connect with people whose experiences are different than mine. I came to the United States for the first time when I was 17, as a foreign exchange student. That experience deeply changed me, allowing me to truly immerse myself into another world. I fell in love with the possibilities and diversity of this country, so much that I decided to pursue my higher education here in Portland. 


I am very passionate about literature, as I believe that it can be one of the most powerful tools for social change. In my three years here in the US I have learned so much about how our identities impact our experiences, and I have dedicated myself to actively work for a more equitable world. I dream of one day being able to work for a publishing house and give a platform to stories and people that have been systemically silenced and erased throughout history. 

An important part of creating social change is forming meaningful relationships with people from different cultures and backgrounds. The ICSP program is the perfect opportunity for me to share my culture and become part of an enriching community. 


I am honored to join the program, and I'm looking forward to work with other amazing international students towards a vibrant and inclusive multicultural world!

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