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Minori Taya


Country: Japan


Major: Child and Family Studies/ Music


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Japanese, English


Hobbies: Playing Music, Learning Languages, Watching Movies, Cooking, Eating, Shopping, Hiking. 


Biography: Minori came from Tokyo, Japan. She learned classical music focusing on Piano in Japan. She came to the United States on April 2010. She graduated from Chemeketa Community College in Salem on June 2012 and transferred to PSU. She continues to learn music by getting a minor in Music at Portland State. Her main focus of studying is Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education in the PSU Child and Family Studies Program. She loves children and enjoys playing with children. She has volunteered at several different Elementary/Pre-Schools, and she truly loved her experiences. She also enjoys playing music in a band. She's currently in an African band and plays authentic African music with her talented friends. She also likes to learn different languages and cultures. Even though English is the only "foreign" language she has ever officially studied, she loves to make friends from different countries and learn their languages. She is very excited to meet people from different cultures and share her culture with others in the ICSP Program.

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