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Mitzi Passos


Country: Brazil


Major: TESL Certificate 


Education Level: Post-baccalaureate


Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish


Hobbies: Music, Reading, Movies 


Biography: Mitzi grew up in Teresina, a city in the Northeast of Brazil where the sun is known to shine bright and temperatures can go up to 120ºF! But people from her region usually say that the heat gives them a warm heart.


In Mitzi's case, that heart is set in growing through education. A teacher by vocation and professional choice, she is currently attending PSU in pursuit of a certificate for Teachers of English as a Second Language. Her professional choice is also a sign that she likes meeting and being around new people, especially children, whom she hopes to work with in the future.


Mitzi is making the most of her experience at PSU and ICSP by satisfying her curiosity about different countries and cultures. She's enjoying every moment here at Portland State University, making new friends and growing both personal and professionally.


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