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Mizuki Shiigi


Hometown: Tokyo, Japan


Major: Theater Arts, Sexuality, Gender, and Queer Studies Minor


Languages: Japanese, English


Hobbies: Singing, watching movies and anime, playing guitar, making songs, and reading


Biography: Mizuki Shiigi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, the major place of sending out Japanese latest fashion and pop culture. They had spent almost their entire life in Tokyo before they came to the United States.


In 2017, Mizuki came to Portland to study English. While they learned English at IELP which is the English Learning Program integrated into PSU, they felt that cultural diversity is bigger than they thought. Through the program, Mizuki found the theater arts major at PSU, and the major seemed good to learn to them, so that they decided to transfer to PSU in 2018. Mizuki thinks that they made a right decision to come to Portland. This city, Portland seems to be liberal, and people who are in this city have confidence in their ways of life to their eyes.


As a student in the theater arts major and a human aiming to be an actor, Mizuki does “character study.” It is a necessary process which is to know and create a character as themselves. For that, Mizuki imagines why does the character do the specific action, and what makes the character do so. They think this process can be adaptable to understand others’ cultures.


Digging the culture one has and carries, and knowing others’ cultures are very interesting and important to share this world as living existences. They are very excited and glad to have this opportunity which is being a member of ICSP.

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