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Moussa Kone


Hometown: Bamako, Mali


Major: Computer Engineering


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Bambara, French, English, some Turkish


Hobbies: Travelling, soccer, basketball, video games, chatting with friends and family


Biography: Moussa Kone was born and raised in the capital city of Mali, Bamako (West Africa). The word Bamako came from "bamba ko" which translates in English as "the back of the crocodile." The story behind this name is that before we had a bridge in the capital city a hundred years ago people used to cross the river on the back of the crocodile.


Moussa is the third born of four children. Moussa attended a Turkish high school in Mali called College Horizon for three years, focusing on economics. After travelling to multiple villages of his country, Moussa had the chance to be selected for a trip to Turkey for cultural purposes.


Moussa believes that hardwork and determination are the key to success. He also believes that sharing your culture and getting to know others cultures makes living abroad easier and extends your multicultural skills. He was admitted to Portland State University in the Fall of 2013 with an English proficiency hold, which required him to take English classes in the Intensive English Language Program (IELP). When he started taking English classes, which he enjoyed, he made friends from all over the world and felt the necessity to learn about others cultures and to share his with them in order to communicate better. He grew up in a family where education is valued, which game him the chance to go to school and make it all the way to Portland State University. Moussa is more than happy to share his culture as part of the ICSP. 


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