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Nacor Ibanez Fernandez


Hometown: Oviedo, Spain


Major: Business Management and Leadership, International Business


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Spanish, English


Hobbies: Sports and outdoor activities, especially tennis


Biography: Nacor Ibanez was born and raised in Oviedo, Spain. Oviedo is the capital city of Asturias in northern Spain. It is one of the only cities in Spain that was not conquered by the Muslim invasions. It is a medium-sized city with rainy weather, really similar to Portland. Oviedo has amazing seafood and steak dishes all-around. 


Nacor is majoring in Business Management and Leadership with focuses in International Business. He loves all kind of sports and outdoor activities, especially tennis. Along with his business expertise, he has plenty of potential in the sports field.


Nacor arrived to Portland in the summer of 2014 after transferring from Lipscomb University in Nashville, where he spent his Freshman year. He currently plays for the Men's Tennis Team a Portland State and is looking to engage into cultural activities this upcoming year. Nacor wants to stay in The United States working after finishing his studies as he thinks job opportunities are far higher than back in Spain.


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