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Nikhil Marda


Country: India


Major: Electrical Engineering 


Education Level: Graduate


Languages: Hindi, Marwadi, Marathi, English


Hobbies: Badminton, Table Tennis, Teaching, Music, Traveling  


Biography: Nikhil Marda is an international student at Portland State University (PSU) pursuing a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. He is a Student Ambassador in the Dean's Office as well. 


Nikhil is very much interested in extracurricular activities; he enjoys participating in dances, cultural events, performances, inter-cultural programs. He transferred to PSU from Vignan University in 2015 and joined the ICSP in APril of that same year. He is working as a mentor for the MESA program, teaching high school mathematics at schools. He currently works as a Director at Yuvatha, a non-government social organization that aims at serving the financially disadvantaged people in the community. He has taken initiatives to make his community a better place to live. He was involved at an internship at Team Engineers Pvt. Ltd. during the winter of 2014. Later, he served as a trainee at Tata Consultancy Services for a period of 12 months. Nikhil is very excited to be an ICSP member and share North Indian culture with the Portland community. 


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