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Pannaawattey Chheng


Hometown: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Major: Accounting


Languages: Khmer, conversational Mandarin, English


Hobbies: Volleyball, yoga, shopping, travelling, making friends


Biography: Panna was born in Phnom Penh, the capital of city of Cambodia, located in Southeast Asia. Cambodia is a developing country, but there is an extraordinary culture that goes back thousands of years. Some aspects of the culture are traditional dances, clothes, hand gestures, food, and many more.  


She decided to come to the United States to study abroad because she would love to broaden her knowledge, and at the same time, she could share her culture to other parts of the world. She started her education at PSU in Spring 2018. Before pursing her degree, she attended English program in IELP for three terms. Since she is always excited to learn more about different cultures, she is currently working as a Lab Assistant, and Conversation Partner in the IELP Learning Center.   


Since Cambodia is not widely known, she is so proud of being a part of the ICSP and representing her country, Cambodia. It's her pleasure to have an opportunity to work with other international students during her education in the United States, especially through the ICSP. She is looking forward to meeting everyone here and sharing more about her culture.

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