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Patrick Jonathan


Hometown: Surabaya, Indonesia


Major: Accounting and Finance


Languages: Bahasa Indonesia, English, conversational Mandarin


Hobbies: Shoes, exercising (gym and sports), learning new cultures, traveling, video games


Biography: I was born in Surabaya, the 2nd largest and metropolitan city of Indonesia. Indonesia is the largest archipelago with over 15,000 islands and 4th largest in population in the world. Indonesia is in Southeast Asia and filled with cultures that are unique. The country has over 100 languages and ethnic groups.


From a young age, I have been intrigued by business and hustling. Since elementary school, I have tried to sell stickers and bracelets. My first “business” was creating games where my friends could participate in and invest real money to get ahead in the game. Thus, I decided that I wanted to broaden my knowledge and came to the United States to learn how the world leader in economy to increase the depth of my business comprehension.


Indonesia lacks the exposure that it deserves seeing that it is 4th in population but far from that in popularity. Therefore, joining ICSP would allow me to share my culture to the people in Portland and U.S. in general. With the diverse population in PSU and ICSP, I believe that Indonesia can increase its exposure here in Portland.

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