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Pengsheng Shi


Hometown: Datong, China


Major: Psychology


Languages: Chinese, English


Hobbies: Swimming, skiing, outdoor activities


Biography: My name is Pengsheng Shi and I am an international student from China. I was born in Datong, a small city with a thousand years of history. There are many cultural monuments in the city, and I have been fascinated by culture since I was a child. This became a trigger for me to decide to study abroad. 


I have always been willing to learn about different cultures, and I found that all seemingly different civilizations and cultures in the world actually have something in common. Maybe our skin color is different, maybe we speak different languages, maybe we have different ways of expression, but the pursuit and praise of goodness contained in different cultures are what makes me love to understand and share culture.


I am honored to be a member of ICSP. I am very happy and look forward to sharing the cultural connotation with you.

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