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Philippa Massey

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Major: Sonic Arts and Music Production

Languages: Swahili, English

Hobbies: Bass guitar, piano, traditional and digital art, swimming

Biography: Philippa is from a country on the eastern shores of Africa called Kenya. Being a big hotspot for cultural diversity and the savannah, Kenya is also known as the Pride of Africa. She is of the Luhya tribe, which is located on the western part of Kenya. 

Philippa is currently studying Sonic Arts and Music Production. Growing up around music influenced her to learn musical instruments and use it as a form of expression. She now plans to study music from around the world to be able to teach it when she returns to Kenya. She is sociable, open-minded, and absolutely loves to learn new languages so she can connect with anyone she meets.

As a member of the ICSP, Philippa aims to learn about the world through the eyes of those around her, while being a window through which others can see Kenya. 

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