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Prabu Muruganantham


Country: India


Major: Electrical Engineering


Education Level: Graduate


Languages: Tamil, English


Hobbies: Literature, Philosophy, Music, Movies, Religion, Science 


Biography: Prabu Muruganantham was born and brought up in an agrarian village near the south Indian city Madurai. His acquaintance with his teacher and most influential contemporary Tamil writer, Jeyamohan, kindled his passion in literature and philosophy, through which he later identified his fascination towards intelligence and consciousness. In order to broaden his knowledge, Prabu decided to pursue a Master's degree in a foreign destination. Hence, he chose to study in the U.S. which is known for its best curriculum and state-of-the-art research.


When Prabu arrived to Portland State University, he explored the possibilities of continuing his interest in Indian philosophy in parallel. To his delight, he discovered a Narayana Gurukula in Portland and joined this non-profit organization to study as well as share his knowledge on the philosophical works of Narayana Guru, a modern philosopher who encompassed the various schools of Indian Philosophy. His ongoing discussions with diverse Gurukula members helps him to understand the similarities and the disparities in various philosophies and cultures of the world. 


Prabu is very excited to be a member of ICSP, which gives him a platform to share his knowledge on Indian culture as well as an opportunity to understand different cultures. 


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