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Raad Elmsellati


Hometown : Tripoli, Libiya

Major : Computer Sciemce

Languages : Arabic and English

Hi! My name is Raad. I'm from Tripoli, Libya. I’m a junior computer science student at PSU. I began my studies at PSU in the Intensive Enlgish Language Program (IELP) and now I am fully enrolled in academic courses.


I lived in Mauritania for 4 years and met many students and people from different countries. I am a person who loves sports in general, especially soccer. I care and love to focus on the details of interior design and decoration as a hobby and I also love cooking. Let me
know if you want to try Libyan food. Indeed, I aspire to work in one of the major companies specialized in software development. Everyday I work hard to develop my skills and gain new experience that will benefit me in the future. "Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out" - Robert Collier

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