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Ryo Hirose


Country: Japan


Major: Marketing


Education Level: Post-baccalaureate


Languages: Japanese, English


Hobbies: Traveling, Friends, Cooking, Snowboarding, Movies, Jogging


Biography: Ryo Hirose was born in Japan. He participated in the International Special Program in 2010 at Portland State University when he was at the end of his freshman year in Meiji University, Japan. Even though the program was only a month long, he learned not only American English but also the cultural differences between Japan and America by staying with his host family and interacting with a lot of people from all around the world. This program opened the door to his interest in American culture and provided him the drive to study English more. Because of that, once he returned to Japan, Ryo seriously started to study English more enthusiastically. After he graduated from Meiji University with a bachelor degree in Business Management in March 2013, he came back to Portland State University to earn a second bachelor degree in the Marketing field. 


Ryo also has been engaged in helping expand his Japanese culture through the Japanese Student Association at Portland State University. He is very happy to be a part of ICSP because he would like to provide an opportunity for the people in Portland to be connected with Japanese culture. 


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