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Saki Kato


Hometown: Sapporo, Japan


Major: Accounting


Education Level: Post-Baccalaureate


Languages: Japanese, English


Hobbies: Ukulele, Singing, Cooking, Eating


Biography: My name is Saki Kato, and I am from Sapporo, Portland`s sister city in Japan. Sapporo is the capital city of the northern island called Hokkaido in Japan. You can enjoy great seafood there, as well as sweets made with fresh butter and milk, and Sapporo beer.


I earned a Bachelor's degree in Global Business from Akita International University in Japan in 2015.  While I was attending AIU, I was able to study at PSU for 1 year, as an exchange student in 2013, and I FELL IN LOVE WITH PORTLAND. I loved the people, their great food, and the greenness. Also, the stay in Portland helped me with improving my English a lot, and made me realize that being in different environment is very exciting and fun!  So, I decided to come back here to study more, after my graduation. I love to meet with new people, and explore new world, as well as sharing my culture with my friends. Therefore, I am very excited to join ICSP, because I would be able to do all of these through ICSP. I cannot wait to share the unique and interesting Japanese culture with people in Portland!

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