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Sarnai Bayanzul


Country: Mongolia


Major: Finance


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Mongolian, Russian, English, some Spanish


Hobbies: Reading, swimming, running, hiking   


Biography: My name is Sarnai Bayanzul and I’m from Mongolia. I grew up in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. It’s a really crowded city. I used to go to Russian school up until my high school freshman year when I transferred to Language School. Since then I started learning English and during my junior year I had great experience to study as an exchange student in Onalaska High School, Onalaska, WA. I received girls cross-country award for “most inspirational”, my Knowledge Bowl team got 2nd place in State and I got rookie award for cheerleading. After I returned to Mongolia and graduated my high school, I decided to get my Bachelors Degree in America. I been through many schools trying to find my right major and now I’m here at PSU pursuing my Bachelor of Science in BA-Finance. I have been living in Portland since 2013.  I like meeting new people and exchanging cultures, because it helps me understand the real world, not just the neighborhood where I grew up. My country is small with an about 3 million population, but we have a rich history and a tradition. I’m always so proud with my country and love to share this experience with a community of Portland State University. Learning about diversity is especially important in school because it allows students to have a greater respect for those who have different beliefs or points of view. 

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