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Shadi Al-Khaledi


Hometown: Sana'a, Yemen


Major: Architecture


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Turkish, Arabic, English 


Hobbies: Dancing, Traveling 


Biography: Shadi is a 19 year old international transfer student from Yemen. His hometown of Sana'a is one of the oldest populated places in the world. According to popular legend, it was founded by Shem, the son of Noah. The Old City of Sana'a includes buildings made of stone and burnt brick decorated by white gypsum.


Shadi first came to the United States in 2012 as a high school exchange student. Moving to Turkey, he studied architecture at Zirve University for two years and most importantly, learned how to speak Turkish. Shadi is a multi-cultural student and the product of a Syrian mother and a Yemeni father. Since he became a part of Portland State University, he has worked with the International Special program at PSU and is also a Senator with the ASPSU student government. Apart from academics, Shadi loves dancing and traveling. 


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