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SovanPiseth Suon


Hometown: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Major: Marketing


Languages: Khmer, Thai, English


Hobbies: Music, Watching anime, Outdoor activities, Working out, Soccer


Biography: My name is SovanPiseth Suon. You can call me Nick. I am from Phnom Penh, which is the capital city of Cambodia. I am the only child in the family. I graduated from high school in 2013. I went to study at Portland Community College then transferred to Portland State University two years after. It has been three years since I came here to Portland. Being away from where I grown up is one of the greatest experience I have ever had.


I first came here for only one purpose, it was to get the degree. However, I started to realize my second goal two month after I arrived. It was to help spread an awareness of my culture to as many people as I can possibly do. There are not so many Cambodians here, therefore, not many people know information about Cambodia. ICSP give me the opportunity to share my knowledge of Cambodia culture to help people understand more about Cambodia. Moreover, at the same time ICSP help me to understand more about other different cultures from many different countries around the world. Culture is one of the most important tools for building peace in this beautiful world of ours, and that is why I and members of ICSP are giving their best for the best outcome.

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