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Sungjin Lee


Country: South Korea


Major: Finance


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Korean, English


Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, table tennis, working out, swimming, driving, hanging out with friends, bowling 


Biography: Sungjin Lee is an international student from Daegu, Korea. He went to high school in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He came to PSU in 2009 as a freshman. After first year in PSU, he went to Korea as an exchange student and experienced Korean university culture. After that he applied for Korean air force and completed his duty as an airman 1st class for 2 years. He is a senior studying finance in PSU. He is also thinking of going MBA later. His future goal is to become a financial analyst. He likes to hang out with friends from different cultural background and share his ideas with them. 


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