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Sunho Kim


Hometown: Anyang, South Korea


Major: Philosophy and Economics


Languages: Korean, English


Hobbies: Listening to music, traveling, reading books, writing poetry, dancing, walking around, free-diving, exploring to find good coffee shops


Biography: I was born and raised in a big family with two older and

one younger sibling. Each of us, including me, have a very distinctive and different personalities even though we were raised by the same parents. These distinctive differences have always caught my attention to think about the reasons why we have different characteristics. As time passes, my curiosity has grown and has become more broad into curiosity of human beings in general. This is one of the reasons why I choose to study philosophy. I believe that philosophy can lead us into better understanding about human beings by providing different answers to the questions such as who we are and why we exist.

However, learning and experiencing different cultures through traveling and talking to people from different backgrounds has also given me an important insight. Culture is a key factor to comprehend human beings. Also, embracing new cultures is necessary in order to live harmoniously with others in this diverse community. 

I have traveled in several countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, France, Canada, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, and Nepal. And now, I’m here in the United States experiencing the U.S. culture and contributing to PSU and Portland community to make it culturally richer by sharing my Korean culture. I truly believe that broadening knowledge about culture can help to achieve a better community, society, and even the entire country. If one can understand, respect, and embrace the ways of living of others, a world full of cultural inclusion and appreciation can come to be. I can say that ICSP can contribute to this ultimate pursuit, and I appreciate people who recognize its great worth. I’m really looking forward to the beautiful journey with ICSP and people in Portland.

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