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Suzuka Natsuhara


Country: Japan


Major: Art Practices


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Japanese, English


Hobbies: Music, Movies, Puzzles, Cooking, Walking


Biography: Suzuka Natsuhara is from Kyoto, Japan. She lived in New Zealand for a year when she was a child, which began her love for English and other cultures. She originally came to the US alone to study English. After graduating from an American English Institute at the University of Oregon, she entered Lane Community College to obtain an AAOT degree and to transfer to a university. After living in small-town Eugene for years, she decided to move to Portland to attend Portland State University. She is majoring in Art Practices and minoring in Graphic Design, completing her final year at PSU. She is excited about sharing her culture using her art skills! 


Suzuka likes watching American movies and TV shows. She also likes walking around neighborhoods and exploring local stores. She loves coffee, tattoos, and the weirdness of Portland, so Portland is a perfect place for her to live! 

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