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Tapiwa Chabikwa


Hometown: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


Major: Geographic Information Systems and Hydrology


Languages: Shona, Ndebele, English


Hobbies: Playing soccer, athletics, and martial arts


Biography: My name is Tapiwa Chabikwa. I was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe,  the second largest city of the country. Bulawayo is an industrial and cultural hub of Zimbabwe, as it is home to people of different ethnicities from across the country.


I am a graduate student pursuing the Geographic Information Systems and Hydrology certificate program at PSU. I have a background in Environmental Sciences and Management. I first arrived in the USA in 2014 and enrolled at Seattle Central Community College, then moved to Portland State University in Fall 2015, where I obtained my BS in Environmental Science in 2018. I interned for a year and came back to pursue my graduate studies in Fall 2019.  At PSU I have been part of the men's soccer club and I have worked as a soccer intramural official.

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