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Thet Swe


Hometown: Yangon, Myanmar

Major: MBA and MSF dual masters

Languages: Burmese, English, Japanese, Korean

Hobbies: music, movies, crochet and knitting, cooking and eating international food, gardening, learning different languages, travel.

I’m an international student studying for an MBA/MSF dual master at Portland State
University. I'm from Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). I am passionate about business transparency and good corporate governance. My passion derives from seeing Myanmar’s young financial and corporate service industries become opaquer and more vulnerable during the pandemic and the military coup. I have always been interested in learning languages and cultures. I studied Japanese and Korean while finishing my undergraduate degree in English.

I worked for a small U.S. law firm focused on international clients with a branch in Myanmar.
While working at the firm, I gained experience in international law, finance, and corporate
affairs. Through that experience, I realized the importance of having knowledge of other
cultures and customs. Even after learning about the business culture of different countries, I didn’t get many opportunities to experience diverse social, civil society, and academic

Arriving in Portland, I dove immediately into a rigorous academic program. I don’t have a
significant network here yet. Through ICSP I believe I will be able to connect with other
international students at PSU and expand my network. Moreover, I’ll have the opportunity to share my background with other international students and audiences. My ultimate goal is to work internationally, this program will springboard me to achieve my dreams and give back.

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