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Hoang (Tiger) Nguyen


Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Major: Electrical Engineering


Languages: Vietnamese, English


Hobbies: Playing with dogs, outdoor games, soccer, table tennis, musical instruments, singing, songwriting, coding, traveling


Biography: Hoang “Tiger” Nguyen is an international student from Vietnam. In Vietnamese culture, the tiger represents power, bravery, and fearlessness. Being called "Tiger", he wanted himself to be as strong as a tiger and to be able to stand on his own feet.


Tiger is currently majoring in Electrical Engineering. Before coming to the US, he had a desire to tackle the environmental and health problems in his country. After a year being a Physics major, he decided to change his major to Electrical Engineering to apply his knowledge to a more practical framework.


Tiger is passionate about supporting the well-being of the international students as well as PSU students in general. Last year, although his American dream was fulfilled, he could not stop the feeling of homesickness after leaving his family to start his new journey. Tiger understands the challenges in the process of acculturation since he is the first of his immediate family to attend a US university. Therefore, he would like to become a bystander of international students, especially Vietnamese students, and help them recognize that the PSU community is their home away from home.


As a part of the ICSP scholars, Tiger would like to promote the diversity of Portland State University by sharing his story of cultural adjustment, as well as representing the unique Vietnamese culture to the Portland communities.

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