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Topics - Ideas and Suggestions


Here are some topics and ideas for presentations/activities that we often receive requests for. We also encourage you to consider your own audience and topics that are relevant and interesting to them.


  • Pop Culture: music, fashion, entertainment, sports, etc.

  • Games: toys, sports, etc.

  • Food: what is part of diet, traditional dishes, etc.

  • Holidays: biggest holidays and festivals, etc.

  • Civics: systems of government, beliefs and values, customs and traditions, etc.

  • Water: the role of a resource like water in the day-to-day lives of people from other countries

  • Stories: popular books, legends, myths, folklore, etc.

  • Famous people: national heroes/heroines, people of influence, etc.

  • Family life: values, principles, relationships, everyday routine, etc.

  • Language: verbal (greetings, names, writing systems, etc.) and non-verbal (gestures, body language, proximity, etc.)

  • Education system: structure, typical school day, uniforms, teacher-student relationship, etc.

  • Arts: dance, theater, literature, music, etc.

  • Gender roles: activities typically associated with male and female roles, etc.

  • Geography: maps, globe, how the climate and borders influence daily life, population, minority groups, etc.

  • History: past and current events


Please feel free to contact us ( if you have any questions. We will be more than happy to brainstorm with you.

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