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Tynchtyk Ishembiev


Country: Kyrgyzstan


Major: Business Administration and Finance 


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Russian, Kyrgyz, English


Hobbies: Playing soccer, Table Tennis, Eating Out, Hiking, Music, Gardening, Farming, Spending time with Friends  


Biography: Tynchtyk was born is Barskoon, a small village in north Kyrgyzstan. He studied at the American University in Central Asia. During high school, he was a visiting international student in Gstaad, Switzerland. He was there to improve his English and interact with other international students. In 2007, he was a high school Rotary exchange student in Belleville, Canada where he acted as a cultural Ambassador for his country.


For his bachelor's degree in Business, Tynchtyk came to the Portland Community College in Oregon, where he participated in various International showcases. Last year, he transferred to Portland State to finish his Business degree. Tynchtyk likes to meet people from different parts of the world and showcase the Kyrgyz culture. He loves to eat at the food carts on campus and he also loves playing soccer at Portland State.



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