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Valerie Feijoo


Country: Bolivia and Peru


Major: Finance


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Spanish, English


Hobbies: Cooking, Traveling, Learning, Sharing and Experiencing New Cultures, Family, Friends 


Biography: Valerie Feijoo was born in Peru but raised in Bolivia since she was two years old. She lived in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, a city located in eastern Bolivia and close to the Amazon. Valerie attended an international school during her elementary education and decided to study in Portland for her undergraduate in finance. She transferred to PSU from PCC in 2014. She is a young, passionate, and hard-working individual studying finance at PSU.


Valerie currently works as a Student Assistant in the Office of Academic Affairs. She was also involved with student government at PCC and Operation Smile in Bolivia. She is passionate about helping and providing services to the community. Valerie desires to share her culture with the community while learning and experiencing new culture. She is extremely excited to be a part of the ICSP at PSU. 


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