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Yue Lin


Hometown: Shanghai, China


Major: Environmental Studies


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Mandarin, Japanese, English


Hobbies: Chinese Calligraphy, Tea Science and Culture, Travelling, J-Pop and Classical Music 


Biography: I am from Shanghai, a unique city in China which developed its own culture by well blending various cultures all over the world. Shanghai boasts of a global financial center, beautiful modern arts and literature, and amazing food from all over the world. Being fascinated about the environment since my early middle school years, I hope to become an environmental management professional to promote environmental awareness and sustainability. I spent my freshmen year in Donghua University in Shanghai, where I initiated an environment club aiming to spread environment protection knowledge in a scientific way. Through teaching I realized that I need more education on environmental studies, and this 

inspired me to transfer to PSU in 2014, majoring in Environmental Studies in pursuit 

of my interest and goal.

I worked as a Health & Garden Activities Volunteer at Park Terrace Community 

Center for a year. It was not only the sustainable urban gardens that inspired me a lot 

– moreover, the residents with diverse backgrounds helped me gain a better 

understanding of communities. I believe that diversity is important to the health of a 

community, just like how important diversity is to an ecosystem. 

I studied abroad in Japan for the last two terms to explore Japanese culture, society 

and environment. Coming back to Portland in Spring 2016, I’m so glad to be an ICSP 

member and very excited about meeting various people and culture sharing.


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